Frequently Asked Questions

What format of business records do you store for businesses?

We have experience storing a broad range of document formats, including traditional files, tapes, microfiche and microfilm, and digital files.

Do you provide paper document storage?

We do! We provide storage space in both our warehouse and and in private climatized rooms.

What do you do to maintain security?

We employ a variety of measures to keep your data as secure as we possibly can. Our facility is equipped with CCTV monitoring, so we keep a close eye on all activity on our property. We’re also equipped with a fire suppression system to help avoid loss from fire, and we also perform regular security checks on the property to confirm proper measures are being taken to secure our facility and your documents. Our climatized vault is perfect for keeping magnetic media!

What do you do with the shredded documents that you destroy?

All shredded materials are recycled into pulp and paper.

How can I access my documents scanned by your facility?

You have several options for accessing your digitized documents. We can provide the documents to you in whatever digital format you desire via flashdrive, CD, external hard drive, or other storage method. Additionally, you can conveniently store them on your own hard drive or server if you choose. 

When can I access my documents?

If you have hard copies of your documents stored at our facility, you can access them anytime you need them. We offer 24-hour access, any day of the year.

What kind of businesses do you serve?

We can serve any business that needs quality document storage. We’ve served medical facilities, law offices, manufacturers, and government agencies.

How can I get started?

To get started, determine what you need to store, and then contact us! We’ll help you come up with a plan and find a solution catered to your business.

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