Macon, GA and Tuscaloosa, AL Shredding Services

If your business is like most, a lot of your business functions create a paper trail. This can be necessary, but you’re often faced with the problem that your business documents could end up in the wrong hands, especially if your documents are of a sensitive nature. Legal documents and medical records are especially sensitive, and it’s always paramount to keep them secure. You could store them in a secure environment, but if you have digital copies of these documents, it’s not always necessary to hold on to them. If this describes your business, shredding is a good option for you!

Data Management Business Records offers great options for shredding your documents - and we offer the option of paying one convenient monthly fee to take care of it all. You can drop your documents off, or schedule a monthly pick-up and let us take care of everything. Your business will greatly benefit from our full-service shredding, and we’ll even recycle the destroyed material for you.

If you’re interested in this valuable service, contact us - we’d be happy to discuss your options or even give you a tour of our document destruction facility. Contact us today to schedule an assessment, and we’ll help you take the steps to free up the extra office space you need by helping your properly dispose of unneeded documents!

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