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Welcome to Data Management Business Records

File Management Solutions for the Life of Your Records

Data Management Business Records is a full-service commercial records center offering document management solutions for active, inactive and expired files. Our comprehensive services, our specially designed facilities and our expert staff allow you to manage the critical information of your enterprise with absolute protection, improved accessibility and overall cost-savings.


While it rarely makes sense to completely "go paperless", wouldn't it be great to have instant access to the most critical and active files your staff needs everyday? Data Management works with you to identify to the most critical & active types of files to which your staff needs regular access.

Why Scan Your Records with Data Management?

  • No Equipment or Software to Buy
  • No Additional Staff or Training Needed
  • Affordably Priced from Just Pennies per Image
  • Monthly Budget/No Long Term Committment

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Inactive records stored in your office take up valuable square footage that could be put to more productive uses. Basements, attics and most self-storage units, cannot provide adequate security, protection, organization or accessibility that your vital information (and your auditors) demand.

Why Store Your Records with Data Management?

  • Free Up Valuable Office Space
  • Secure Your Records from Unauthorized Access
  • Protect Your Records from Heat, Water & Other Hazards
  • Enjoy the Convenience of Pickup & Delivery Service (no more trips to the attic!)
  • Save Money & Staff Time

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We offer a convenient and secure method for destroying records. As a member of National Association for Information Destruction we follow the strictest guidelines for ensuring your files are purged with absolute accountability.

Why Shred Your Records with Data Management?

  • Safeguard Sensitive Information About Your Company & Customers
  • Comply with Regulations and Avoid Litigation
  • Convenience & Flexibility - one time or monthly service
  • Save Money and Free Up Office Space
  • Recycling of All Destroyed Material

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